About the Action Groups

The Action Groups are the next step in the Community Dialogues process.

For more information on the full process,click here: Hartford Public Library City Approach Community Dialogue Site

click here: Hartford Public Library City Approach Community Dialogue Site

These groups will focus on action agenda centered on four themes:

  1. Barriers to Access/ Addressing Stereotypes
  2. Accreditation/ Licensing
  3. Coordination of Services/ Opportunities
  4. Supporting Formal/ Informal Networks


ActionGroupUpdateEvent 5

ActionGroupUpdateEvent 2


December 2012 Action Groups Update Event

On December 4, 2012, the 4 Action Groups met in the Center for Contemporary Culture at Hartford Public Library to give updates on their progress. The Coordination of Services and Opportunities action group’s mission “to facilitate the creation and use of user-friendly, comprehensive database of adult learning resources for Hartford’s diverse community” has led to a focus on KeyTrain and a Learner’s Web concept. The Formal and Informal Networks action group is focusing its efforts on a language and culture learning exchange in the form of a time bank. In this member-led community network exchange, members would earn, bank, and spend time credits as the exchange of services takes place. The group has examined other time banks and is looking at how to implement one in the Hartford community. The Accreditation and Licensing action group has held two focus groups to interview foreign students who have dealt with issues of college degrees and credits from different countries. Due to limited participation, the Barriers to Access action group is planning to join forces with the other groups.

Click here to view a video of the event.


Action Group Training

On Saturday, 6/16/12,  Everyday Democracy held a training session for members of the action groups. This training session is meant to give members of the groups two basic takeaways:

  1. how to incorporate ways to work together that only gets work done , but gets it done in an equitable and inclusive way that values all voices and cultural perspectives
  2. the beginnings of “mapping” strategies for success for each group’s action agenda with intentionality for mapping benchmarks and timelines.
Materials distributed at this training session:
Community Dialogues

Sixty participants were recruited and organized into seven dialogue groups, which convened at Hartford Public Library Downtown branch, aside from one which met at the Center for Hartford Adult Education (CHAE). Over half of the dialogue participants were service providers or adult learning advocates and over a third of the participants were foreign born. The group at CHAE was entirely made up of immigrants. The dialogues were held for four consecutive weeks for 2 hours each; many people were unable to make such a large time commitment to the dialogues. Dialogue facilitators were also recruited from the Kickoff event and had to attend an 8-hour facilitator training led by Everyday Democracy.  Both facilitators and participants received a guide prepared by a working committee composed of project and Everyday Democracy staff and IAG members.

Community Dialogue Discussion Guides:


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